About Me

I might add, I'm one helluva
Thomas the Train track layer too!
Picklewrangler, that's me. 

But you can call me Kelly.  I'm a contridiction in terms; a guiri who can parlay a mean Spanish accent when needed, a clean freak who wills the bathroom to scrub itself, a foodie who lives to eat but can't boil water...you get the idea. 

Take it down to the nitty gritty and I'm a midwestern girl born and raised with a penchant for all things Spanish, including but not limited to my choice in men apparently.  My husband, a cross between Sancho Panza and Antonio Banderas, tends to lean a bit too far towards the former but it's all good 'cuz I like him that way.  Together we have three kids, two cars, a dog, and a mortgage; the quintessencial American Dream which we're on the brink of trading in for a new beginning somewhere, somehow, in Southern Spain.